How we can help you here at 360

Your employability is essential. At 360 Apprenticeships we aim to place as many unemployed people as possible into a full time job. This will start with an AEB funded course which usually lasts from 2-4 weeks. Which will then lead to a guaranteed interview with one of our top employers. We think it is important to motivate and be a supportive team who are committed to assisting people as best we can and ensuring they are happy in their role.

Not having the security of a job can be a daunting time for anyone.  You may not feel like you are achieving anything when applying for jobs or you don’t feel you have the relevant skills to apply. Our courses are a great way to gain a nationally recognised qualification and gain invaluable experience in your chosen sector which is what employers will be looking for in a potential candidate. We work with some of the world’s leading brands to ensure that your working experience is as positive as possible with great future opportunities.


We work with Grade 1 and 2 training providers. They deliver the best quality of training and skills coaching possible before guaranteeing you an interview for a job close to you. The course length is usually between 2-4 weeks which consists of training you on relevant skills from one of our experienced tutors. The training provider will reimburse any travel expenses. You could go from being unemployed to having a job within 3 weeks working for a company such as Amazon, Adidas and may more. Please see our how to become more employable page if you are looking for more information on how we can assist you and the courses and job roles we offer. You could also visit our blog on how to use your transferable skills when applying for jobs and in interview.

Training Providers

If you are a Training Provider who is struggling to spend your AEB funding then we provide a service to help supply you with candidates who we know are eagerly seeking employment and ready to work. We create job adverts which ensure we find the right candidates for the specific role allowing the process to be simple and effective. If you wish to find more information on our services then please visit our how to spend your AEB funding page.