How we can help you at 360 Apprenticeships

Your employability is essential to a future career. There are certain characteristics and soft skills that every employer looks for in a candidate; if you lack the experience in those areas, then it will be harder for you to find a job. At 360 Apprenticeships we aim to place as many unemployed people as possible into a full time job. We think it is important to motivate and be a supportive team, who commit to assisting people as best we can.

Not having the security of a job can be physically and mentally draining.  You can feel as if you’ve not achieving anything, or feel you have the relevant skills to apply. However, the best way to build your confidence is to gain experience in the working field; and an apprenticeship is one of the best ways to do just that.

Our courses are a great way to gain a nationally recognised qualification, invaluable experience in your chosen sector and confidence. Which is what employers look for in a potential candidate. We work closely with grade 1 and 2 training providers offering a number of fantastic apprenticeships including Business Administration, Digital Marketing, IT and much more.

360 Apprenticeships are committed to finding you a job which is best suited to you. However, along the way it is important to up-skill yourself to build and expand on your skills. This will make you more employable! The more experience or qualifications you can add to your CV, the better you will look in comparison to the competition. It is paramount that you are constantly adding to your CV making sure there are no big gaps. This will increase your Transferable Skills making you more appealing to a potential employer.

Hints and Tips

When you start look for work whether this be full time or for an apprenticeship, be realistic about the skills that you possess. For example, if you apply for an IT role (which requires knowing how to dismantle computers or updating software) yet you have never done anything IT related, it is very unlikely that you will be offered an interview. So be truthful to yourself and see what skills you already have.

Interpersonal skills are important and they apply to almost every role in the world today. These can stem from your regular skill set, but these are important to possess even when applying an apprenticeship role. Every employer look for apprentices who have strong communication skills, the ability to work well in a team, a strong work ethic, confidence (in both their work and themselves) and much more.

So you’ve just left School/College/University and want to start finding your dream job. You see job adverts that are exactly what you’re looking for and would love to apply. But it is very rare that someone will find their dream job straight away, as you need not just the knowledge but the experience too; which is why an apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity to gain the skills and experience you would need.

It is important to always update your CV, even if it is just minor changes. Employers want to see your most recent CV as it will clearly let them know about your working habits and new skills you may have learned.

Many employers look at social media accounts of candidates who apply for specific roles. Here they can understand your thought processes, if your personality would them and much more, so always make sure that your accounts are suitable. Another great way to attract employers on Social Media is to set up a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is specifically used by employers and businesses for news, updates and even to find new employees.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come to your door, you need to actively looking to be able to find the right apprenticeship/role for you. Keep searching on job boards for positions, sign up to open days or even get in contact with recruiters like us!

So you’ve taken everything above on board, found a dream apprenticeship role and now have an interview; the next step is to now look the part. When attending any interview you need to look presentable as it shows the employer how much you want the role. Turning up in joggers/jeans, trainers and a t-shirt gives the impression that you don’t really care. Even if you have secured the apprenticeship, continue to look smart and presentable in the workplace.

We are in partnership with Grade 1 and 2 training providers. These training providers offer courses in your chosen sector prior to placing you with one of our fantastic employers. These courses are a fantastic opportunity to up-skill yourself and gain a nationally recognised qualification. The average length of the courses we offer are 2-4 weeks. You will receive expert training from one of the tutors who have years of industry experience. They will guide you through the process of the course and qualification and ensure you have maximised the opportunity. We are here to give you any advice and guidance on what you can do to become more employable. Our team have designed a CV Builder to help you have a better insight into what to include on your CV. We know what certain employers look for in candidates allowing us to help you.

What You Can Do

Employers will notice when a candidate is committed to developing themselves and expanding on their skills. Your transferable skills is a topic that will definitely come up in an interview. Skills you may not think are relevant to the job role are worth mentioning. This gives the employer a better idea of what you are capable of and how to build and expand on your current skill set. Courses to further your skills are an excellent way to develop your skills and allow you to be more employable in your chosen sector. Experience is key, it all counts! Research on the job role and the company instantly increases your chances of getting the job. If you have genuine reasons as to why you want a job and why you want to work in the sector it is important to get these across in an interview.