Developing your skills before the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Developing your skills before the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Considering doing a Digital Marketing/Social Media Apprenticeship?

Digital Marketing Apprenticeships are one of the most popular Apprenticeships as they provide you with a wide range of skills and experience. However, most employers looking to hire a Digital Marketing apprentice are looking for a strong knowledge of Digital Marketing to start off with. Initial knowledge of Digital Marketing and Social Media will allow the apprentice to push themselves more within the apprenticeship and achieve a higher standard of work within the apprenticeship. If you are looking for a long career in Digital Marketing then an Apprenticeship is a great way to get your foot in the door with a successful company and show them what you can do. Starting off with a good knowledge of Digital Marketing is essential as this will allow you to jump straight into the role and create quality content for your employer and prove your worth to the company during your probation period.

What you can do to build your skills in Digital Marketing?

There are many different ways you can build your skill set in Digital Marketing and build your Digital Marketing CV. If you have gone out and developed your knowledge in the sector before even applying for roles this shows that you are able to act on your own initiative and clearly have a keen interest in the sector. Here are some ways you can develop your skills;

Google Garage Courses

Google Garage courses are a great free way to easily develop your skills and instantly get a better understanding of the core aspects of Digital Marketing. You have the option on going to the course events where you are able to meet other people who are looking to get into similar sectors and learn from the Google tutors who are the most qualified in the sector to teach you. You can also do the online courses and complete each module which will allow you to have a good knowledge on every key area in Digital Marketing. Who could be better to teach you then google?

Start your own Blog/Article

Having your own blog is a great thing to put on your CV as it shows to an employer that you are able to work on your own initiative and have a passion in creating interesting and innovative content about a subject that you’re interested in. It shows the employer that you have a creative flair and that you have the ability to come up with new and interesting ideas which is an excellent transferable skill to apply to any digital marketing job role.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights is the home of everything Digital Marketing. It covers every area of the sector and it is an excellent hub to get a better understanding of the sector. It will give you tips of how to appeal to a specific audience through B2B and B2C Digital Marketing. You can download guides and E-books to refer back to and keep up to date with the latest techniques.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy is an excellent way to improve your core skills and knowledge on Marketing. You can take virtual classes to get a clearer understanding on sales and marketing and how the industry works. Leaders in digital marketing have put out their tips and techniques on how to make money and build a successful career in Digital Marketing

SEM Rush courses

Another important part of Digital Marketing is keywords and SEO. Having an optimised website is essential for building your online presence and ensuring your ranking as high as possible on search engines to bring business in through a website. SEM rush is an excellent online course which develops your knowledge on keywords and the process of optimising website.

Using Social Platforms

One area of digital marketing that most young people start off very confident in is Social Media. Most companies are understanding the importance of using Social Platforms to bring in a younger audience and get their brand name out there in a creative way. Instagram and Twitter are a great way to be slightly less formal and put out interesting and fun creative content to attract more people to their brand. It is essential to have a strong knowledge of each major social platform and will help if you run your own platforms so you get used to it. With Businesses social platforms the content has to be consistent.

Create a Linked in

Linked in is a great place to meet other people who are looking to get into similar career as you and gives you the opportunity to connect with them and exchange tips and techniques. It is also a chance to learn from people who have their own companies and how they have made a successful career out of Digital Marketing.

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