How we work at 360 Apprenticeships?

We offer a free recruitment service for candidates and employers as we are public sector funded. We are partnered with Grade 1 and 2 training providers who deliver the training for the Apprenticeship.

Government Funding

Apprenticeships are completely funded by the government no matter what the qualification if you are 16-18. However, you are only given one opportunity to use your Apprenticeship funding and if you go over 6 months duration of your Apprenticeship the qualification can not be funded again. This is to ensure each candidate gets a fair opportunity to complete an Apprenticeship and gain a nationally recognised qualification. The Apprenticeship is funded by the government because it is recognised that it is a great opportunity for young people to start their career in perhaps a neish sector. For candidates aged 19 and over the Apprenticeship is funded 90% by the government and 10% by your employer of whatever the cost of the qualification may be. On 1st May 2017, the funding of apprenticeships changed in England. Depending on your organisation’s payroll and the age of the apprentices you enrol, you may or may not have to pay for apprenticeship training and also you may or may not qualify for additional grants or tax relief.

Here are a few links to Government funding websites where you can find more info

Government funding 

ESFA funding 

Apprenticeship Wages

Apart from training costs, whether that is funded or not you will also need to pay your apprentice’s wages. Also, the apprentice minimum wage is £3.70 per hour and an Apprentice must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week. However you are free to pay more than the minimum this will also attract a higher standard of candidate if you’re willing to pay a little more.

Tax Relief on Apprentice’s Wages

If you employ an apprentice under the age of 25, you may no longer have to pay employer Class 1 National Insurance contributions on their earnings up to the new Apprentice Upper Secondary Threshold. For more information on this please visit here

Do I qualify to receive an Additional Payment?

Under the new funding rules, if you recruit an apprentice aged under 19 when they start you will be eligible for an Additional Payment of £1,000. This is separate from your Levy, funding or co-investment. It is a separate payment made to the employer by the government.