Recruitment at 360 Apprenticeships

At 360 Apprenticeships we pride ourselves in offering a quick and high standard recruitment service. We offer the fairest rates in the industry and ensure our candidates are of the highest standard. We shortlist and screen our candidates and only pass them across to the employer once we know they are right for the business. We aim for a 1-2 week turnaround. We stay in constant contact with you and the employer giving regular updates.

Employers – Looking For Someone New?

If you are looking for a new addition to your company – we can help! We have a constant calibre of candidates on file who are actively looking for employment. They are all of an excellent standard. We will also write the job adverts! Our team are experienced in writing content and we know how to make your job vacancy sound as appealing as possible. It is essential that we appeal to the right calibre of candidates for your vacancy. We ensure our knowledge of the role is perfect so we can get across to the candidate why we think it is right for them and that it is a fantastic opportunity. When it comes to shortlisting our consultants have years of experience in screening candidates and we know what we are looking for! We will hand the shortlist across to you once we have spoken to the candidates and found out why they want to work for you and in the sector.

We talk them through the interview and trial process. We are a local agency and therefore have a deep understanding of the Job Market in and around Greater Manchester. This gives us a better knowledge of opportunities in the area and it allows us to connect effectively with local people. We believe we have the fairest fees in the recruitment sector whilst providing the highest quality of fast and reliable service.

How We Work?

We aim for a maximum of a week turnaround. One of our consultants will be looking after your vacancy and ensuring we are doing everything we can to fill your vacancy. When it comes to the interviews we arrange everything! We have implemented a process to give us the highest possible success rate of candidates going to interview. One of our consultants will keep in contact with the candidate until the interview, making sure any queries are answered and that they are as prepared as possible. Our consultants have access to the best technology in the industry. We have every tool at our disposal to find the right match. Our team of consultants screen candidates based on their needs & motivations, not just technical fit, to ensure they are the right fit.