Training Providers

Are you a training provider who is looking to spend your AEB funding? We offer an efficient recruitment service for your business providing the best learners in the area. 360 Apprenticeships have had successful placements in areas such as warehousing via AEB funding, and only find those who are motivated and willing to commit to finding employment. We know what we are looking for in potential candidates and we have perfected our process to ensure we maintain our success rate of 75%.

How we attract the right people;

  • We will write the Job Adverts! Our job adverts include all the essential content to ensure our candidates know exactly what they are signing up for prior to applying. The process speeds up and we can be certain that the candidates we’ve got are motivated, serious and committed to finding employment. We optimise our key words allowing our vacancies the best chance of being seen. This gives us a better chance to provide you with the highest calibre of candidates.
  • Social Posts – Our following on social platforms is growing considerably every day. We find this is a great way to reach out to a younger generation of candidates who are eagerly looking for a permanent and secure job. To do this we create job posts on sites such as Facebook, and promote them to the relevant job boards.
  • Getting in contact – At 360 Apprenticeships our team have years of sector experience, meaning we know what to look for! After each candidate has applied for the traineeship, we contact everyone to ensure that are right for the position. After speaking to and screening the potential candidates, we devise a shortlist of who we know would be an excellent candidate for the course or job.
  • Knowledge of the job – It is up to us to ensure we know everything about the traineeship; from the daily duties to the qualifications the candidates will gain. This makes it easier for us to get across the positives of completing the course and increasing the chances of learners attending!