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We form strong relationships between employers and Training Providers


We offer support, guidance and excellent opportunities for candidates.


of employers say that apprenticeships provide higher overall productivity


of apprentices employed were satisfied with their apprenticeship overall


of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved making apprenticeships a great way to Upskill


of apprentices stay in their employment long term after finishing their apprenticeship qualification

About us

Who are 360 Apprenticeships?

Since 2016, 360 Apprenticeships has become one of the most sought after recruitment agencies for apprenticeships across England. Based in Manchester, we specialise in Multi-Channel Marketing, IT, Business Administration and many more work-based qualifications. The team works closely with both apprentice and employer, ensuring that the journey is as smooth and stress free as possible. Our services are completely free to all employers looking to improve productivity and reduce staff turnover. We also strive to find every candidate great opportunities to pursue or advance their dream career! 

How we can assist you with Apprenticeships

Our team has a combined 20 years worth of expertise in the apprenticeship recruitment sector. We are committed to finding the perfect match between candidate, employer and training provider to ensure every applicant gets the most out of the apprenticeship. We also help in assisting with CV tips and interview techniques, so each candidate is prepared and give them the confidence needed to excel.

If you have a position that needs to be filled, we can upload and post job descriptions to relevant job boards to attract as many candidates as possible. Whether you have one written or need one to be created, 360 Apprenticeships will ensure that each job is given the upmost attention.

Why you should choose 360 Apprenticeships

At 360 Apprenticeships we are very proactive with filling each vacancy that comes our way. We aim for a 2 week turn-around with our team actively working on your vacancy from start to finish. 360 Apprenticeships are partnered with Grade 1 and 2 training providers to deliver the training for each qualification. Each provider is voted by Ofsted and seen as the best across England, so you can be confident you’re receiving the best possible service. We may be a small team, but that is what makes 360 Apprenticeships work so well. Each recruiter is there for every step of the way, from speaking to employers to arranging interviews; meaning that you will receive the best possible service.

Why we work with Apprenticeships

We know finding the right candidate or apprenticeship in your chosen sector can be daunting, and that is why we are here. As we work with both candidate and employer, we are able to find the perfect match for both. Apprenticeship recruitment is very rewarding and as a team, we are motivated to place as many young people as possible into their dream role.

Right Apprentice. Right Employer. Every time.

Our values of integrity, respect, team work, learning and innovation are the building blocks of 360 Apprenticeships. We also believe in empowering the younger generation to kick-start their dream career and crush youth un-employment, while collaborating with employers small or large to ensure that we find the right apprentice every time. With a combined experience of 20 years in recruitment, 360 Apprenticeships strive to ensure that your journey to find the right apprentice or dream career is as stress free as possible.

Our Services

Whether you’re looking for more information about the apprenticeship scheme, to hire or become an apprentice; 360 Apprenticeships are here for you. By working closely with both parties, we can ensure that all information we deliver is up to date and to the highest standard. 


Interview Preparation including mock questions and links

CV hints and tips for future applications

Full details on apprenticeships and which route is right for you

After interview calls and feedback

Employability skills training

Keep CVs on file for future roles and opportunities

Discussing apprenticeships and arranging interviews 


Continuously Resource excellent candidates

Book interviews and preparing each candidate

Write and place job descriptions on trusted job boards

Provide up to date information on training providers

Work closely with training providers to ensure the best services

Conduct initial interviews before sending CVs

Delivering news to candidates on their applications

Learner Find for Apprenticeships

What does that stand for?

It sounds exactly as it looks, finding excellent apprenticeship learners by providing free services across England. Since 2016, 360 Apprenticeships have become one of the most proactive learner find agencies in the UK. On average we have an 85% success rate in apprentices continuing on programme, all due to our learner find knowledge and expertise.

Business Development

One aspect that attributes massively to our 85% success rate is our business development. This is an ongoing process from start to finish, and even carries on when an apprentice has been placed. Our process starts with our sales and recruitment team by proactively contacting and communicating with potential /existing clients, getting to understand the needs and who they are looking for. Once an employer has been contacted and confirms that they are actively looking, they will be paired with one of our highly trained recruiters who will then start the learner find journey.

A unique selling point in 360 Apprenticeships business model is the choice of training provider. As we work with independent and nationally recognised training providers, every employer has a choice of who to work with. Each provider has their unique delivery model for each apprenticeship scheme, ensuring that the apprentice is given the best opportunity to complete their apprenticeship.

Our Clients


If you’re looking to hire an apprentice, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help. From finding the right candidate to arranging interviews, 360 Apprenticeship are here every step of the way. All we need is to know is who you are looking for, the job description and we will do the rest!

Apprentices and the Apprenticeship scheme are a great way to help boost performance within your business. Apprenticeships are great way to tailor skill sets that will meet your business’ needs, increase productivity and create staff satisfaction. 86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity.

Depending on the course, the apprenticeship will take between 12 to 18 months to complete. Any qualifications that fall under the digital banner (such as Multi-Channel Marketing and IT) will take 12 to 15 months, whereas Business Administration will take 18 months to complete.

As 360 Apprenticeships are government funded service, we offer a free recruitment service for all employers and candidates.

The minimum wage for an apprentice across England is £4.15 hour. Yet many employers are willing to pay over this amount (£5 to £6). Once you have completed 12 months of your Apprenticeship, the employer then must pay the minimum working wage for your age.

Now that you have hired an Apprentice, your next step is to welcome them into the business. Here you can introduce them to the team and tell them more about yourself. Discuss more about the role, the goals your business is looking to achieve and most importantly, make them feel welcome. Our blog “I’ve employed and apprentice – now what do I do” goes into more detail on the best tips on how to introduce an Apprentice to your business.

Once an apprentice has been hired, a member of the training provider will come to the location and sign the apprentice on. Then depending on the qualification and/or training provider, the apprentice will have a tutor who will visit the premises every 4 to 6 weeks. If the apprentice is completing a Digital Apprenticeship, they will have weekly Skype sessions with their tutor. Every apprentice will also need time within their working hours to complete their apprenticeship work, with 20% of that being off the job training.

Once you have completed an apprenticeship, you will have gain a nationally recognised qualifications in your chosen apprenticeship area. Depending on the area or apprenticeship you are completing, you can finish with a Level 2, 3 or 4 Apprenticeship.

As long as you have passed your Maths and English GCSEs or have passed Functional Skills, you are eligible to apply. However, if you have completed a BTEC Level 3 or University Degree in your chosen area, we would not be able to place you on the same qualification. This is due to the Apprenticeship being a lower qualification to what you already have.

If you have been in an apprenticeship for less than six months and are unhappy with the role or employer, we will be more than happy to help you find the right Apprenticeship. But if you left after six months, we would not be able to place you onto the same Apprenticeship. If you are made redundant, the training provider may help you in finding a replacement role for you.

Once you have completed an Apprenticeship, you will receive your Level 2/3/4 Apprenticeship qualification. Many apprentices who have completed their qualification are offered a full time position with the employer, and even promoted within the business. Yet if you decide to move on and try something new, a Level 2/3/4 qualification is highly recognised and welcomed in almost every business across the UK.

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