Why Hire An Apprentice?

Employing an apprentice can often be a great way to bring fresh ideas and a diverse skill-set to both large and small businesses. Each apprentice is trained by high quality training providers, who deliver new qualification Standards accredited by leading employers from each industry. Many companies that have gone down the apprenticeship route see huge benefits, with a number of businesses hiring more and more every year. If you’re still unsure, have a read below to see what companies have benefited from hiring an apprentice.

Did You Know?

  • Your business can receive a Government Grant of £1000 if you employ an apprentice aged 16-18yrs.
  • 92% of employers believe apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied work force.
  • A study found that apprentices improve staff morale by 71%.
  • 80% of employers feel that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover.
  • 83% of employers rely on the apprenticeship programme to provide the skilled workers they need for the future.
  • 76% of employers say that apprenticeships provide higher overall productivity.

Why 360?

360 Apprenticeships offer a free service to all employers and training providers. We believe our candidates to be of an extremely high standard, due to the outstanding relationships we have with grammar schools, colleges and universities in various provinces. We work in partnership with Grade 1 Ofsted providers, who deliver the on the job training once we have sourced you an apprentice.

How to hire an apprentice with us

To understand what you are looking for, we discuss the needs of your business to accomplish which apprenticeship role would be most beneficial, and consider what attributes the ideal candidate needs to have to be perfect for your role.

We offer information and guidance on grants, pay requirements and the apprenticeship model. We may require a short job description from yourselves in order to ensure we find the right fit for your role during your search.

So we can find the right apprentice for you, we advertise our apprenticeship vacancies on job boards and across our social media channels. Through this we acquire a high volume of applicants that we shortlist and contact to find apprentices with excellent potential. After forwarding their CVs to you and information on who they are, we will arrange interviews for you to meet the candidates. From here, you can then decide on who you  would like to employ.

Once you have your successful candidate we will then advise and select the most suitable premier graded training providers, who will then train your apprentice in the chosen sector. Once we have partnered you with a training provider they will be there to guide your apprentice and offer advice. However, through the course of the apprenticeship we will still be available to offer support and advise as best we can.

An apprenticeship is a combination of on the job training and academy or work-based learning with support from the training provider.

You will need Employer Liability Insurance and to provide a contract of employment for your apprentice.

The current national minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.90 per hour, depending on the employer this can be higher. Once the apprentice has completed 12 months of their qualification, they must be paid the national minimum wage for their age.  

Yes, employers are required to pay apprentices on apprenticeship training days, however not all qualifications require the learner to take time away from the workplace.

An apprentice must work between 30 to 40 hours per week to complete the apprenticeship.

You must offer apprentices the same conditions as other employees in similar roles including holiday entitlement, sick pay, and other benefits you offer (for example. childcare vouchers, mentoring etc.). Apprentices are entitled to 20 days paid holiday a year on top of bank holidays.

We are a service completely free to both apprentices and employers.

Depending on the vacancy the recruitment stage can take from two to six weeks. Yet we work quickly to make sure we find the right apprentice for you as soon as possible.  

After completion you can offer the apprentice a full time role, but this is not a mandatory step.  

Employers are not required to pay National Insurance Contributions for apprentices under the age of 25 on earnings below £43,000 a year. As of May 2017 the Government made incentives (below) available to employers who take on an apprentice.

  • Employers and training providers receive a £1000 grant each when they employ and train a 16 – 18 year old.
  • Employers and training providers receive a £1000 grant each when they train a 19-24 year old who has a Local Authority Education, Health and Care Plan or has previously been in care.
  • Employers with less than 50 employees that hire a 16-18 year old apprentice do not need to contribute towards the cost of training as the government will finance 100% of these costs.

For information on hiring one of our excellent standard apprentices, fill out your details below. A member of our team will then be in contact to discuss how we can assist you.