How apprenticeships in recruitment can be so rewarding

How apprenticeships in recruitment can be so rewarding

The moment someone mentions working in recruitment, alarm bells tend to ring. There has been a stigma for quite a few years regarding recruitment; from working long hours to high levels of stress.

However, it can be a fantastic career whether it be a full-time position, an apprenticeship, or a step in the right direction. Plus, the incentives and opportunities can be truly rewarding! So, what exactly makes recruitment a great place to start your apprenticeship? Read on to find out!

Will help improve your transferable skills

No matter where you are in your career, you can always improve especially when it comes to your transferable skills. Starting an apprenticeship in the recruitment sector can help as you have the chance to use these skills daily including:

  • Communication – making and answering phone calls daily, speaking with you colleagues, managers, candidates and clients
  • IT literacy – Using computer software such as Microsoft Office, Online booking systems, email etc.
  • Teamwork – Keeping close contact with your colleagues to see what roles are available for candidates, sending CVs to colleagues in most need
  • Time management and organisation – Completing specific jobs and tasks within allotted times, knowing what’s priority and when positions should be filled

With these skills, they can be used and transferred to any sector. The stronger your transferable skills are, the more desirable you are and have a higher chance of being offered better roles.

Opens ways to progress in your career

One of the advantages to working in recruitment includes the opportunities to progress. Even if you start as an apprentice, there are ample chances to move up the career ladder. On average, 1 in 3 apprentices are offered a promotion within a year of completing their qualification. Some apprentices have even been promoted during the completion of their course! Positions such as team leader, account/sales manager and more can open to the right person.  As apprentices work closely with managers or team leaders you get to see what they do daily; This can then give you the insight to their role and what you need to do to get there.

No one day is the same

As with any job, there are certain elements that can feel repetitive or have a specific rhythm. In recruitment though, each day can be quite different. It certainly has its ups and downs, but that is what make it such a great place to learn. One day you could find great CVs and place a great number of candidates, while the other feels like it isn’t going anywhere. But if every day was the same, you wouldn’t be able to understand how to deal with:

  • Rejection e.g. candidates or employers saying no
  • Resolving issues such as cancelling/rescheduling interviews
  • Planning your day to ensure that tasks are completed from the day before
  • Difficult or demanding clients

You will have to go through the bad to end up with the good, but that’s what makes recruitment worth it.


There aren’t many careers where you can be rewarded for your work, but recruitment is a great sector for this. Many recruitment agencies offer bonuses to employee and apprentices who hit specific targets. For example, you have a target of placing 10 candidates a month with a £10 bonus for each placement; meaning that you could get £100 or more on top of your monthly pay! And some recruitment agencies can offer more depending on the type of role. There can even be employee of the month awards, team days/nights out, award ceremonies and more.

Helping those in need

If you are a budding apprentice looking for your dream role, you know exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end. The endless searching and scrolling of job boards, rejection from employers and the feeling of not getting anywhere. Getting an apprenticeship in the recruitment sector means that you can help those who are in the same position as you once were. Plus, knowing you helped someone find their dream role can be so satisfying! Making you day feel like it was all worth it.

Not all recruitment agencies are big corporations

There are several recruitment agencies who are nationwide, with several offices of 200 employees or more; and for some that looks quite daunting. But not every recruitment agency is as large as that. 360 apprenticeships are a small independent agency based in Manchester, yet we have a reach across from Newcastle all the way down to Bournemouth. Recruitment can also focus on a specialised sector, such as apprenticeships (like us) to construction or even creative sectors. There is no shortage of recruitment agencies, so you can be sure of positions being available.


The times of thinking that recruitment is a dead end no longer exists. As times and jobs change, so does recruitment. The opportunities are increasing day on day and an apprenticeship can help you get there. If the idea of working in/for recruitment now sounds like the ideal path for you, 360 Apprenticeships can help. We have a great number of well-regarded agencies looking for the right apprentices to join their teams.

How 360 Apprenticeships can help

We provide a free service from first point of contact to the successful placement of each apprentice. Every apprentice who is successful will only be placed with the best training providers (Graded 1 and/or 2 by Ofsted) so you know that everyone is in safe hands.

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