How NOT to Ruin Your Apprenticeship

How NOT to Ruin Your Apprenticeship

Recently, we noticed something that is becoming very common; apprentices ruining their chances of completing apprenticeships.

For many, the next step after leaving school, college, or university is an apprenticeship. Continuing down the education system isn’t the right path for everyone. But for some, they forget an apprenticeship also requires working in a professional environment and VERY different from education. So, if you are looking to complete and not ruin your apprenticeship, we can help. This blog will give you tips on how to impress, what NOT to do and even a true scary story.

Scary Story

At 360 Apprenticeships, we have come across a number of interesting accounts regarding apprentices. To give you an idea, below is an account from one of our employers who took on an apprentice. Of course, we will not be using any names (candidate or business) so let’s say the candidate is called John and the business ABC.

John joined ABC at the beginning of the year to start his business administration apprenticeship. Not long after starting his apprenticeship, he was told by his parents that he needed to look after family on Fridays. Even though this is usually not offered, the employer let John take ½ days on Friday to do this. However, John started to call in sick on regular occasions, turn up late to work (though they only lived 20 mins bus ride away) and be on his personal phone during work hours. Yet the turning point for ABC was when John called in to say that he had COVID yet was away on holiday!

This is quite an extreme example, but this is how not to conduct yourself when you have been offered an apprenticeship opportunity.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are a number of way to ensure that you impress your employer; but that would end up being an incredibly long blog. However, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts when you start your apprenticeship:


Mess the employer around

Are you leaving education and gaining your first job? If so that’s great! But you must remember one thing……the working world is nothing like education. Missing school days, not focusing in the classroom or mess teachers around may get you in detention but you would stay in school. However, if you were to act like this in the workplace this could lead to the employer letting you go and lose your apprenticeship. Work isn’t somewhere to mess around and waste time, employers won’t keep someone on if they can’t be bothered to put in any effort.

Take advantage of the workplace

When an employer takes on an apprentice, they are looking for someone who wants to learn and grow. But if you start arriving late, taking long lunch breaks or ‘sick days’ on a regular basis then employers will question this. This even applies when you have been with the business for a period of time. Just because you have settled in doesn’t give you the option to start taking advantage.

Use your phone

Do you really need to know what your favourite friends or celebs are doing every second of the day? Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so putting your phone away for a couple of hours isn’t going to hurt. If you are continuously looking on your phone during work hours, employers will have the impression that you are not interested.

Leave without reason

Not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows during the apprenticeship. It’s easy to give up or jump to conclusions in a short amount of time; but if you are struggling speak to your manager. If that still doesn’t reach any results, you can also contact your tutor or the recruitment service for help. However, it is still important to stay calm and professional until you come to a resolution. If you decide the apprenticeship or position isn’t right for you, don’t leave without giving reason. Nobody like to be ghosted even an employer!


Ask questions

If you are new to a specific sector or job role and you are not asking questions, this can come across as if you don’t want to learn. Even if you think a question is simple still ask! They are not going to judge you for wanting to understand your position in the business.

Offer ideas and solutions

Do you have ideas that you think could help the business? Have you come across problems that need a solution? Employers want to have someone on their team who isn’t afraid to do offer ideas. This will show the employer that you want to help the business progress; plus it will help you understand how much you have to offer! They don’t need to be industry changing, but even the smallest ideas and solutions can help both you and the employer.

Give Reasons and Apologise

Turned up late for work? Feeling unwell or need time out of the office? Give a reason why and apologise if need be. For example, you’re stuck in traffic and unsure if you will arrive in time. Either ring or text your employer to give them notice that you will be late to work. Once you arrive at the office make sure you apologise. Even if it is something out of your control, you need to show that you are apologetic and care about their time. Just be sure that it doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

Be enthusiastic!

Not everyone has a mass of energy or shows their enthusiasm the same way; but employers want to see that you are. This can be through the hard work you put in everyday, the questions you ask, the training you complete. Enthusiasm isn’t all about being loud and energetic, it is also in the amount of work you put in everyday.


Gaining an apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity that can get you into a fruitful career. But if you don’t put in 110% or take advantage of the employer, your chances of completing an apprenticeship could come to an early end. It is so important to remember that work isn’t somewhere to relax while you get paid, you NEED to put in the effort to progress.

How 360 Apprenticeships can help

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