Reasons to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Reasons to do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Digital marketing is one of the most vital elements to promoting a business in the 21st Century. Without it, independent businesses and worldwide corporations can’t get the word out about their services. Which is why doing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity!

As the world moves even more towards a digital age, Digital Marketing is needed more than ever! And businesses are continuously looking for the next person who can help them become the most sort after. An apprenticeship can help you understand the ins and outs of the business and their values, the different marketing avenues and give you the work experience for a full-time career!

Build your Knowledge and Skills

It can be easy to think that Digital Marketing is posting pretty pictures on social media and leaving it at that. However, there is a whole world beneath the visual side that is incredibly important. A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship can help you understand everything from website development to analytics and SEO. Some roles may even include account management, which can look incredibly impressive on your CV. Digital Marketing Apprenticeships are completely work based placing you are right in the heart of the sector, meaning you get involved right from the start. By understanding the different elements in Digital marketing, you have more choices and even more desirable to employers.

Find Your True Passion

As Digital Marketing covers a wide range of elements, you may find that what interested you first isn’t what you end up doing. You may think that social media management is your high interest at first, then end up finding that content writing is your true passion. The paths a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship can open for you is huge, plus it is a sector that will always be need. S

o, whether you work with a local business, giant corporations or as a freelance marketer, there will always be something for you.


After completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, you can progress in more ways than you might think. Many apprentices can be offered promotions with the current employer, or even placed onto higher level apprenticeships. But if you decide to look at high level positions with other employers, having a qualification and work experience will be more desirable. You can progress to a Digital Marketing executive, manage a marketing team, open your own business; the possibilities can be endless.

Utilise Previous Experience

Whether you have work experience or applying for your first job, you can take a variety of skills into a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. This can include communication and teamwork, IT knowledge, creative experience and much more. But it does also depend on the type of role you are applying for. A more account management heavy position would be great for someone with business experience. Whereas a content heavy role could be great for someone with high English grades or a degree in writing. Even if you have no official work experience, you may have skills that the employer is searching for. Whether this be helping to create a social media page for a friend or creating graphics in your spare time, these can be incredibly helpful in a marketing setting.

Bring Something New to the Table

Do you have ideas on how to bring in more business through social media? Have you found a new way to market online? Whether it be a visual, written or analytical, employers are always on the look out for a new way to build online presence. You may have that one idea that could be the step towards the business becoming the go to in the area or sector. When it comes to Digital Marketing, it is all about moving forward and taking on new technologies to stay noticed, so don’t be afraid to offer ideas that may sound ‘different’ to previous strategies.


If you’re looking to start your career and gain the skills needed to progress, a Business Administration Apprenticeship is going to be the best route for you. Do you not just gain work experience, but the industry knowledge and a well recognised qualification. Many who complete their apprenticeship end up in amazing positions and opportunities; and now is the perfect time to do it.

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