Employing an Apprentice – Top Tips

Employing an Apprentice – Top Tips

When it comes to recruitment apprentices are becoming the go to for hiring new and enthusiastic employees.

However, you have to remember that apprentices aren’t leaders in the chosen sector, so the recruitment and training process is going to be very different. Here at 360 Apprenticeships we understand that making a good first impression is vital to keep an apprentice on board. So we compiled top tips for employing an apprentice that will make the recruitment and hiring process that much easier.

Be sure that roles are available

Before you delve into the world of hiring an apprentice, you need to be sure as to where that apprentice needs to be based. Do you need help with business administration? Someone to improve your digital marketing or increase sales? You also need to be sure that there is an available role for that apprentice. If you start the recruitment process, look at CVs, conduct interviews then suddenly decide to go down a full-time route, it doesn’t just waste your time but that of the recruiter and the applicants.

Remember that they are employees in training

Apprentices are there to learn the tricks of the trade so that they can become leaders in that sector. If you hire and expect them to know everything in that field, then you are misunderstanding what an apprenticeship is. Hiring an apprentice is also a great opportunity to find someone who will then know your business inside out. As they will be trained from day one, the apprentice will become an integral employee to the business.

Buddy Up

For some apprentices this may be their first job, ever. So the idea of jumping straight is daunting and quite scary. A great way to ease them in is by pairing the apprentice with a buddy. This buddy will help the apprentice if they a struggling with work, have questions that need answering and show them the ins and outs. Pairing the apprentice with a buddy will improve their confidence and feel like they are part of the team.

Keep them interested

If you continue to give an apprentice the same menial tasks day in day out, the apprentice may feel like they are being used or not good enough. Remember to give them tasks to prove themselves and build their skills. Another way to ensure this is by giving them opportunities and incentives. Whether it’s bonuses or the chance for a promotion after completion, it will give the apprentice something to strive towards.

Listen to their ideas

Hiring someone who is new to the sector can bring some new and interesting ideas. Apprenticeships are great for bringing young and fresh minds, as they will see things differently to others. Of course you don’t need to take the ideas on board, but by listening to them and offering insight, it will make them feel valued and wanted.

Have regular catch ups

From daily meetings to monthly catch ups, this will help both you and the apprentice in understanding where they are. Daily meetings will help them to understand what they need to achieve and hit for that day/week. Whereas monthly meetings are great for catch ups and reviews. Here you can let them know how they are doing, where they may be struggling with and what you would like to see from them. But this is also the opportunity for them to let you know how they feel from their side. You will then be able to see what they need more help with and what steps can be taken.

Let them know when they’ve done well

It’s a horrible feeling when you don’t know if you are doing something well. So if you don’t give them the recognition for when they do, it can have an impact on their work. By letting them know when they are completing tasks to a high standard, they will continue to do so and even do better. You may start to see a change in their behaviour towards work and even create motivation for the rest of the team. You don’t need a fan fair to say so, but just that bit of recognition will make all the difference.


Like with any job role full time or apprenticeship, you need to ensure that they are enticed and feel a part of the team. Some apprentices may also need a little guidance when it comes to the workplace, which is also important to keep them interested in the position. Whether you are a manager who works closely with the apprentice, a team leader or general employee, these tips will ensure that your apprentice is engaged and feels like a part of the business.

How 360 Apprenticeships can help

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