Tips for your first day as an Apprentice!

Tips for your first day as an Apprentice!

Your search for the perfect opportunity has come to an end, and you’ve been offered an apprenticeship. Well done!

It’s now time to start showing all the strengths and attributes the employer saw in you and prove to them that you are the perfect choice. Here at 360 Apprenticeships, we have put some tips and advice together to make sure that your first day is the best it can be.

1. It’s okay to be nervous!

No matter where you start your apprenticeship it can be nerve wracking. But that is okay! Being nervous isn’t a bad thing, it shows that you care about making a good first impression. Once your first day is over and you know what to expect, you nerves will soon disappear!

2. Sleep!

They say that to have a productive day you need at 8 hours of sleep. Not everyone can sleep for that long, but getting prepared the night before and having a nearly night will make sure that you wake up fresh

If you have trouble sleeping the night before, try to have a good breakfast before leaving for an energy boost. Remember there will be other days you can prove yourself and your abilities, just try your best!

3. Be Early!

Set off in plenty of time for your first day, allowing time for late transport. If you’re not familiar with the area you could do a practice journey, although you may have already been to the location for your interview.

4. Do your research!

Read up on more in-depth information about the company you will be working for if you haven’t already. Prepare for some of the tasks you might be asked to complete so you have an initial understanding before undertaking them. You can also search more into the position and your daily duties. This will give you more understanding of what your daily tasks could look like!

5. Dress Smartly

Dressing well can give you some much-needed confidence on your first day and help make a good first impression. On your first day the employer will let you know more on the dress code. Some businesses may have dress down days or be casual all the time, but it’s always best to look smart and put together.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

It’s your first day; you’re expected to ask questions! Don’t suffer in silence if you don’t understand something, as this will take up more time may need to know for future reference anyway. If there is a task you are unsure about or want to know more information, asking for help isn’t a bad thing! Whether your asking the employer or another co-worker, it shows that you want to learn and complete the best work possible.

Asking questions can often show that you care about what you are doing and are attentive. Taking notes is a good way to record the information for your future reference.

7. Show willingness!

If you are willing and enthusiastic about the tasks given to you on your first day, management may be more likely to trust you with bigger responsibilities and more interesting projects. If you are helpful to others in the office and participate in tasks that aren’t necessarily limited to your job description this can go a long way with your colleagues and employer.

How 360 Apprenticeships can help

If you are nervous about your first day, and would love to know more about making a good first impression; we are more then happy to help! If you would like to speak to one of our team , you can contact us on:

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