Why You Should Hire an IT Apprentice

Why You Should Hire an IT Apprentice

IT and technology are a part of everyday life, especially in the workplace.  

Whether it is a large company like a car manufacturer, or an independent shop on the high street, IT helps to run businesses in a technological age.

In the North West, the economy has seen a massive growth within the last few years. With the North West now being the third highest contributor to the UK economy, companies are growing and now hold more information than ever before. With this in mind, small and major companies will be running on hardware and software systems, using the most up to date technology. Meaning that having a strong IT team is vital. If they go down, your team/member will be there to help solve the problem. Now if you already have a technician/team you may be asking yourself “why would I hire an IT Apprentice?” Well, this is what we are here to answer.

Benefits of Hiring an IT Apprentice

Hiring and apprentice can bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business. For example, an apprentice completing an IT apprenticeship may have a better understanding of the technology being used today. So when it comes to fixing a problem, they can see it from another perspective, and see a clearer path to solving the issue.

As IT is a mental and hands on skill, working within the environment can be very beneficial to both business and apprentice. By learning on the job an apprentice is more likely to retain the information, and understand the process of the role more easily. This also means that the apprentice will be able to understand the business and get to know the people. 80% of businesses that had employed an apprentice found that productivity of the business increased, and 74% said that apprentices were more loyal then those who are full time employees.

Another upside to an IT apprentice is they will be good for support of your existing IT team. Whether that is to complete smaller tasks, or to help with major system failures. An extra pair of hands will benefit your existing team.

Unsure if you want to hire from outside the business?

If you are unsure that you would like to hire an apprentice from outside the business, there is another option. If you already have an existing staff member who wants to improve on their IT skills and move into a different role, there is a solution. Known as up-skilling, an existing employee can apply to join the apprenticeship scheme, gain more skills within another field and gain a nationally recognised qualification.

What is involved in an IT Apprenticeship?

An apprentice should be working at least 30+/full time hours to be able to complete an apprenticeship. Depending on the type of apprenticeship, they can last between 12 to 18 months; with digital and IT being the latter.

Each apprentice will not just be working for your business, but will be in training off the job too. A minimum of 20% off the job training is required to meet the apprenticeship program standards. They don’t have to leave the premises, so they can stay within the workplace.

When it comes to training, it is advised that each apprentice has a mentor. So if you have an IT Technician already in your business, they can be their guide. Coursework will be involved thought the duration of the apprenticeship. But don’t worry; as for the coursework and exams (that will be involved to complete the apprenticeship), will be managed by a tutor from a national training provider.

Hiring an IT apprentice can be very beneficial for you business as they cannot only be a helping hand for the IT team, but can learn the business from the inside out and become a great addition to your team.

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