How To Utilise Your Transferable Skills

How To Utilise Your Transferable Skills

What Are Transferable Skills?

Transferable Skills are abilities that are helpful and relevant in different careers. People usually think about their transferable skills when they are looking for a career change. They need to decide what they can bring from their current job role and apply to their new employment. This is one of the key things employers will be looking for in the right candidate. The skills give the employer a better idea on what you can bring to the role. If you currently lack direct skills in the field you are seeking a career in, transferable skills are the reasons why you are right for the role. Your skills and abilities are what makes you different and memorable, the more you can say about yourself the better!

Teamwork and People Skills

Teamwork and People Skills are easily transferable to any job. This shows the employer that you are able to cooperate with other members of the team and effectively work in an environment surrounded by other people. People skills are also a great transferable skill, as this shows the employer you are capable of working with new people and fit into the working environment. This also shows that you have the ability to deal with potential clients or customers.

Organisation and Time Management

Organisation and Time Management are vital skills you can apply to any role. This proves you are able to work to deadlines by creating things such as to do lists, asking for help and prioritising tasks effectively. Whether it’s experience stacking shelves within a set time in a retail store, completing projects within a deadline, or carried out construction work that met the time-sensitive needs of a client, you’ll have at least one example of time management to reference in your CV.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication skills are a basic which everyone has. However, it is important to show you have the ability to utilise the skill. Communication is a very versatile skill that can be applied to any job. It is extremely beneficial in customer facing roles and allows you make a good impression. Examples of communication skills could range from communicating with a customer or client to fulfil their needs or resolve a problem, to working together with your colleagues to achieve a joint goal.


You may think Leadership skills only apply to people in a managerial position, but it is an extremely versatile skill. Being a good leader is an essential skill in any job, even if it is only applied in certain instances. When referencing your leadership skills in your CV, you could mention times where you’ve demonstrated great leadership skills. This could be through motivating others for a shared goal, leading a project for a team or through your own personal hobbies and interests (coaching or leading a team).


Prioritising effectively is paramount if you are aiming to getting tasks completed on time and to a high standard. That’s why it’s a key skill that the vast majority of employers value. Prove you’re able to assess your workload, adjust your schedule, and organise tasks in order of importance by giving tangible examples in your CV. For example, your ability to be ruthless and say no to certain tasks enabled you to complete others which had a higher level of importance, or you implemented time saving techniques to get small tasks done faster (e.g. spreadsheets, templates). Any company would see this as a valuable skill. It shows you are someone who is focused and willing to get tasks done quickly and efficiently.

Which Transferable Skills Should You Include In Your CV?

When mentioning your transferable skills you need to ensure that they are relevant to the role you are applying for. Employers will often explicitly state their criteria, and much of this is made up of soft skills. So how do you show these to employers? Saying you’ve got excellent communication skills is good, but you need evidence to back it up. So for each skill you need to provide evidence of where you have implemented it.

Don’t say: Great communication skills.

Do say: Excellent communication skills, demonstrated when I gave great customer service over the phone.

Recruiters will quickly realise in the interview if you are not being truthful so you need to make sure that you are able to back it up with evidence!


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