Reasons to work in Manchester

Reasons to work in Manchester

Manchester is now described as the “new london” and Northerners have been saying it’s a great place to live for years!

There are many reasons why working in Manchester is an amazing opportunity. Many major businesses are moving to the city and the economical growth of the city is always expanding! From the beautiful architecture that can be seen from your desk to the renowned music scene to enjoy after a day at the office, there are countless reasons why you should work in Manchester.

The Career Opportunities

Manchester is the fastest economically growing city in the UK and has a strong job market that is always expanding. These days its economy is centred on the financial, services and creative/cultural industries. It is constantly full of opportunities in the sector of your choice and opportunities to build and expand and constantly grow your CV. You could start your career working for a high profile business or an innovative start up and an apprenticeship is a great way to do either. There are pros and cons to both however you will gain invaluable experience from working in Manchester. There is also a great world of networking. There is a constant hub of people to bounce ideas off and take inspiration from who are all making their mark in Manchester

Social Hub of Manchester

The Northern Quarter

Such big names as the BBC and ITV have moved to Manchester, so it is no wonder that more and more people are dubbing the city “the new London”, and the centre’s Northern Quarter embodies this phrase like nowhere else.

Where business suits mingle effortlessly with hipsters sipping cocktails and speciality teas after a day’s work, this arty central area of Manchester is one of the city’s top selling points. The Northern Quarter is a favourite haunt with our Northern office, so whether you’re with us as an account executive, digital manager or you’re a digital marketing pro, you’ll get to know it well.

An Iconic Music Scene

Manchester is home to some of the most famous bands and artists in the world and is constantly producing new talent. There is always something going on whether that is an intimate gig, a concert or live music! This is a great way to meet new people and socialise outside of the workplace.

The Best Shopping

Manchester is famous for its shopping, The Trafford Centre attracts people from all over the UK and is a unique and special shopping experience especially at Christmas. Living and working in a city as big as Manchester definitely has its charms and shopping has to be one of the best. The Trafford Centre even overcomes one of Manchester’s less appealing traits, as one of the biggest indoor shopping centres in the country, the rain doesn’t even have to come into the equation. If you like reclaimed vintage the Northern Quarter would be the perfect shopping experience for you with funky vintage clothing shops to record and inventive food shops.Manchester’s artistic reputation couldn’t be better represented than by that of its skyline.

The Amazing Architecture

Chetham’s Library is the oldest public library in the English-speaking world, standing nearby the stunning Central Library, the £150 million Beetham Tower, the atmospheric Gothic Cathedral and the unique Urbis building, home to the National Football Museum. It is safe to say your walk to work in Manchester will never be boring.

The Artists

The Lowry is amongst the cities most visited attractions. The artist Lowry made the industrial industries of the North West famous, the Lowry was constructed in his honour. It contains around 300 works by the artist, as well as many other contemporary works and visual projects in the building’s gallery and theatre.

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