My Experience as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

I’m Caroline and since July 2019, I have been a Digital Marketing Apprentice for 360 Apprenticeships. But before I jump right in a tell you about my journey, I want to tell you why I became an apprentice.

In 2013 I attended Nottingham Trent University to complete a Graphic Design Degree. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the grades I hoped for or find a job within my chosen career. After graduating I moved back to my home city of Manchester and had a number of jobs within retail and catering. Even though I did gain skills and confidence, the roles were not for me and felt as if I wasn’t going anywhere. After thinking about it for several months I decided to apply for apprenticeships in Digital Marketing. I looked over several online job boards and recruitment agencies, and then started to apply. Now 6 months into my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, I want to tell you about why I chose Digital Marketing, what I have learnt and why it was the right decision for me.

Why I chose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

I have always been a creative person, and knew that I want to find a career in a field that I could showcase my creativity. In one of my previous jobs I updated their social media channels, showing new products and being able to have a playful side, and also loved being able to communicate with the customers. This helped me to decide what route I wanted to take and started to actively look for Digital Marketing roles. On the future I would love to work for a creative business and really hone in on the content side of Digital Marketing. Yet Learning about the analytics and business elements in this apprenticeship has really given me the knowledge and understanding as to what is involved, why it is so important for business and how it can take me anywhere.

My daily tasks as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Every morning before the day starts, I look at Digital Marketing strategies and research on how I can help improve 360 Apprenticeships presence online. One way of doing this is by completing online courses with HubSpot Academy and Google Garage. Here I began to understand the areas involved in Digital Marketing and how it is beneficial to every business.

One of the major tasks that almost every Digital Marketer will do is post on social media platforms. For me I primarily focus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where I will tailor posts for our two main target audiences; those looking for apprenticeships, and employers looking to hire. To upload each post with ease and help to free time, I use social media dashboards such as Hootsuite and Buffer. These programs have helped me with being able to post everything with ease, and take the stress out of getting everything uploaded in time.  Out of all the social media platforms that I use, Facebook has been the most successful. Here we don’t just upload posts, but advertise all of our Apprenticeship roles and answer online queries. Since we started to use Facebook as a platform for showcasing our roles, we have garnered over 400 likes and received 5 stars in 4 months.

Blog writing is also a major part to my Digital Marketing role, creating monthly blog posts that will interest those looking to understand more about apprenticeships. For this to be successful I use Keywords and relevant language/terms, that will draw in the targeted audience. My main task over the last few months has been update 360 Apprenticeships website. Our website is a driving force in creating business, so updating and adding elements to strengthen the website is a priority. Using WordPress and WPBakery I can make the website stronger and more professional, which will drive traffic to the business. All of this is then recorded and analysed with Google Analytics and Google my Business. Here is where I can see how well we are performing, where we need to improve and what steps I need to take to improve 360 Apprenticeships online presence.

What I have learned about the Apprenticeship

Before I started to look at an apprenticeship, there were a number of misconceptions that made me believe that it wouldn’t be the right route for me. What I believed is that Apprenticeships are only aimed at school leavers, those who didn’t get the grades needed and that they are mainly in areas such as Construction and Engineering. But once I started to really look into it, I realised that I could start to pursue a career that I could be proud of.

Why this was the right route for me

Digital Marketing is used in almost every business across the world, and knowing that there are so many routes to take within this area gives me confidence that I have chosen the right path. What also reassures me is knowing that once I complete my apprenticeship and gain my Level 3 qualification, I will have the knowledge and skills needed to move towards my dream role in Digital Marketing.

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