Top Tips to find your dream Apprenticeship

Top Tips to find your dream Apprenticeship

When it comes to searching for your dream role, it can become a process that everyone dreads.

The endless scrolling on job boards, never hearing replies from employers and what feels like months of searching can put anyone off. But if you’re looking to find the right apprenticeship, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you find the right role. It will take time but as long as you follow these steps, you will surely be on your way to finding the dream apprenticeship role for you.

Get Ready, Set, SEARCH!

That’s how some see job searching, a race to find the prefect role as soon as possible. But one of the most important things to remember is that it takes time. Don’t just apply for the first thing you see; read the job description thoroughly and if you like it that’s great! But keep looking until you find the perfect role. If you’re looking online you can easily find apprenticeships on a number of job boards such as Indeed, Get My First Job and many more.

Don’t let stress win

Constantly looking can be daunting so create a plan of where and when you’re going to search; break it down and keep tracked of where you’ve looked/applied. But if you feel that you’re going round in circles, take a step back. Stress is the one thing you never want when searching for your dream apprenticeship role. Whether you step away for a day, a week or even a month, your mental well being is more important.

Be clear on what you want/can apply for

Some believe that applying for any apprenticeship that are in the area is the best way to secure an interview. Sometimes this can work, but a majority of the time this can be damaging for you. This will give businesses and/or recruiters the idea that you aren’t serious about looking and just trying your luck. To ensure that you are applying for the right apprenticeship, look through the job specification as thoroughly as possible. Do you match what they are looking for? Do you have the skills and knowledge? But most importantly remember to Be Realistic!

Your CV is Key

Having a well rounded and detailed CV is essential to being noticed. A great tip is to look at your CV as if you where an employer searching to fill the role. But if you feel unsure that it’s strong enough, then you know it needs improving. You can also ask your family to read it through or look at examples online. Every CV should include your work experience, but this doesn’t mean that every role should be included. Keep what relates to the job you applied for and go into detail as to what you learnt. Every employer who looks at your CV will get their first impression of you from just one look. Ensure that it looks pleasing to the eye, whether this is in the way it looks or in the information you place on your CV. Also adding a cover letter can improve your chances of being noticed by employers. But make sure that every letter relates to the apprenticeship role.

Get Noticed Online

Social Media is great for showing your day to day life with friends, family and those who follow you. But it can also be fantastic for being noticed by employers. One online platform that is perfect for this is LinkedIn. Think of this site as your online CV, job board, and social media account all in one. Yet one thing to keep in consideration is that LinkedIn is tailored for the working world, so keeping things professional is key. One thing to always keep in mind when your using social media (even on your personal accounts) is that more and more employers are looking to social accounts to see what type of person they are going to meet. If they are looking for a mature and hardworking apprentice, but see someone partying every night or writing derogative posts, this will put them off from wanting to see you.

Ace that Interview

Everyone will go through an interview process, and they can be pretty scary; especially if it’s your first one. But there are ways to help you prepare for when the day comes, and ensure that any interview you go to is successful. Even if you’re only looking and applying for apprenticeship roles at this moment, you can still prepare for when an interview does take place. Research into common questions; write them down and think of answers that you could use in any interview, no matter the role. You can even ask your family to do a fake interview with you, this will see how well you do and where you need to improve. If you are successful and are attending an interview, the first step everyone should do is research the company. You will always be asked on what you know about the company you are interviewing for, and the more you know, the more they will be impressed. Also going over the job description can help you with answering any questions related to role.

Still no luck?

If you are still struggling to find the right apprenticeship role, there are more places to look other then online. Attending jobs fairs in your town or city are a great way to connect and speak with recruitment agencies and employers. Here you can see what type of roles are in your area and get an understanding of what route would be best for you. Even asking you family can be a great way to find an apprenticeship. There may be a family member or friend who is looking for/knows someone who wants to hire. Yet one of the most successful ways is to look into a recruitment agency. For example, 360 Apprenticeships specialises in this area across Manchester and the North West , so we know the best process in find the perfect role for you.

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