Reasons to do a Business Administration Apprenticeship

Reasons to do a Business Administration Apprenticeship

Business Administration Apprenticeships are a great way to get your foot in the door!

If Uni isn’t the right path for you and you’ve not had an extensive work experience then a Business Administration Apprenticeship could be the perfect opportunity for you! Business admin apprenticeships allow you to start your professional working career with a company you are interested in and progress your career through them after building a rapport with the employers. For a lot of companies it is more beneficial to have an employee who knows how the company works and is familiar with the processes of the businesses rather than a graduate with no work experience. It is a fantastic stepping stone especially for a younger candidate wanting to get into the world of work. With a work based Business Administration Apprenticeship it allows you to feel like a real member of the team as you are not going to college one day a week.

Progressing through the company

90% of employers keep their apprentices on with the company after the duration of the Apprenticeship. By this time they will have become a valuable asset to the team and will know their job role and the company very well. Business apprenticeships in particular can involve many different responsibilities depending on the company therefore, by the end of the apprenticeship the apprentice will have acquired a number of useful skills that they can apply to their employment within the company. Employers find candidates with industry work experience so valuable as it shows they can handle working in a fast paced and busy office environment.

Help you develop your soft skills

Business admin apprenticeships are completely work based meaning you will develop soft skills in the workplace which you will be able to transfer to any role. Examples of these are organisation, working under pressure, good time management skills, being a team player, confidence, positive attitude and many more. Learning these skills at a young age will make you far more employable in a future job market.

Increases Confidence

Starting a Business administration apprenticeship is a great way to increase your confidence and skill set to work in a busy environment. You will receive lots of support from your skills assessor to get you through the modules, and support from your manager to get you through your daily tasks. You will most likely be replying to emails answering phone calls which will increase your confidence as you will be using and developing your customer service skills.

Encourages an entrepreneurial flair

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur then a Business Administration qualification could be the perfect opportunity for you. Many business administration apprentices start off working for a small company and grow within that company gaining advice and guidance on becoming an entrepreneur.

Business administration is versatile

Your experience as a Business admin apprentice could be very different to someone else’s depending on the company you work for. For example if you are a business admin apprentice for a fashion company your experience would be very different to if you worked for an insurance company. They will both teach you the same core skills but you will apply them in different ways. This also means this qualification allows you to work for a company and sector you are interested in and could progress through the company. 



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