Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Apprentice

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Almost every business across the world is online, making it easier than ever for potential customers to come to your door.

But there is more to being noticed online than creating a website and social media page. Having someone in your business who knows digital marketing is crucial to not just being noticed, but to help you become the business people come to. Hiring a Digital Marketing Apprentice will not only help to increase your marketing presence, but also bring fresh ideas and opportunities to your door. 

Get the power of a youthful voice into your organisation

It is essential that your company has a Digital Marketing plan to grow your digital presence. Bringing on an Apprentice is a great way to do this. Over 130,000 companies in the UK currently employ or have employed Apprentices, as they believe it is effective to bring a youthful voice into the business. After hiring an Apprentice, businesses have seen an increase in productivity and effectiveness, improved business performance and a committed and competent workforce. A fresh pair of eyes can be very useful for your business to grow and devise new ideas. Now is the best time to hire a Digital Marketing Apprentice from the “connected generation”. These bright young people are your next generation of customers, so their influence on your business will be beneficial.

What is involved in Digital Marketing?

The main benefit to Digital Marketing is that it will get you noticed by more people and businesses. But digital marketing is a process that continues to grow and develop, so you need someone to continuously keep everything up to date. Digital marketing requires a lot of time, as it includes many different areas such as: 

  • Social media – creating posts on a daily and/or weekly basis for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc 
  • Website Development – Updating content, systems, content writing such as blogs 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) updating website pages and blogs using keywords, placing business information on online directories
  • Analytics – closely monitoring how the website is performing (see what needs improving, what’s working (using platforms such as Google Analytics)

This is just a small amount that goes into Digital Marketing and with everything combined it takes up a lot of time. Having a Digital Marketing Apprentice would not just free up your time (if you’re a small business) but increase productivity and help increase your presence. 

Help change the way Apprenticeships are seen

In the past, people generally associated Apprentices with building trades, social care, hairdressing and retail. Therefore people generally are lead to believe that Apprenticeships are better suited to people with practical skill sets. There has been a huge shift in the type of apprenticeships no available. Creative roles that can be fulfilled by Apprentices include Digital Marketing, Content Producing, website development and much more. There are now many specialist training providers who deliver for these qualifications with one on one training. With University fees constantly rising, Apprenticeship’s are becoming more and more appealing to sixth form and college leavers.

Up-skill your existing staff members

You may have been lead to believe that Apprenticeships are just for school leavers and a younger age range. However, the current system allows staff members to be up-skilled and gain a nationally recognised qualification in Digital Marketing. This will not just allow them to build their skill set, but also save you hours of time finding someone to take the spot. Up-Skilling your staff also shows how you are willing to offer them more opportunities and value their presence within the business. 

Why do companies who hire a Digital Marketing Apprentice have the edge over their competition?

There are so many positives when it comes to hiring a Digital Marketing Apprentice. One main positive is that the cost will be low. Digital Apprentices earn between £8k-£18k yearly, making it easier for start up businesses to bring Apprentices into the company. Another advantage is how they can target the younger audience. As apprentices are generally within the 16 – 30 bracket, they understand how to target that age range. 

Bringing Apprentices into the business will allow the workplace to become more diverse and vibrant. It also allows clients to have a better experience and more representation overall. Digital Marketing Apprentices generally stay with their employer for 3 years or over, after building a rapport with the employer. This makes Apprenticeships more appealing to candidates as it increases the chances of them securing a long term job in their chosen sector.



Whether you have a digital marketing team in place or just starting to build your team, bringing on a digital marketing apprentice is a great opportunity. From introducing new ideas to understanding the younger audiences, an apprentice will improve the creativity and drive of the business.

How 360 Apprenticeships can help

No matter if you are the manager of a small team or the owner of country wide business, 360 Apprenticeships can help you find the perfect apprentice(s). We provide a free service from first point of contact to the successful placement of each apprentice.

You can find out more regarding the apprenticeship scheme on our website. To speak to one of our recruiters directly, you can contact us on:

0161 4644805

or email us at [email protected]. You can also find us on social media:

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