Work Based vs College Apprenticeships

Work Based vs College Apprenticeships

Deciding to take an Apprentice can be overwhelming as there are  different options and routes you can take, especially when it comes to training providers and recruitment.

It is important to make sure the delivery model works for both the Apprentice and the company and get the most out of the opportunity. Each learner only receives funding once to do the specific Apprenticeship in their chosen sector. This means it is paramount to get it right first time, so they have the best quality of training and experience. There are two ways in which apprenticeships can be delivered; either through a college or a training provider.

Which delivery model works best for you?

College Apprenticeships

The traditional way to take on an Apprentice is to go through the college. Many companies who are new to taking on Apprentices may find it as a simpler option instead of doing further research into training providers. The college’s offer a wide range of Apprenticeship qualifications and screen candidates within the college. With college apprenticeships, the learner is required to attend the College once a week to be taught in a classroom environment. This may work well for a business that would like the training to all be done externally. So when they are in the workplace, the apprentice will be completely focused on their daily tasks. However, the college’s average Ofsted rating is Grade 3/4 which means they are rated satisfactory or below. This rating comes down to the overall quality of training.

Independent Training Providers

If you decide to go down the route of using an Independent training provider, the process will be different in comparison to the college. Independent training providers have more of a bespoke service to you and the learner. For each apprentice who is signed with them, they are assigned a tutor who delivers the one-on-one training in the workplace. This means that the tutor knows exactly where the learner is up to within the Apprenticeship. The tutor also provides advice on coursework or if they need any extra assistance in certain areas. On average the assessor will either come out to the workplace at least once a month for a 2-4 hour session, or catch up online via Microsoft Teams.

The training provider will discuss which times work best for you as a company for your convenience. Most training providers are graded 1/2 by Ofsted, meaning they are rated either outstanding or good.

Making a decision

Researching each college or training provider is key! Each college and training provider may deliver the apprenticeship differently, so understanding their business module is important. Take into account how often you need your apprentice present in the workplace and how often you want the training provider to come in. Testimonials and reviews are a great way to see how they have performed in the past and get a better understanding from unbiased opinions.

How we work

Here at 360 Apprenticeships, we only work with the best training providers grade 1/2 by Ofsted. Our aim is to ensure that each apprentice and employer are paired perfectly and looked after by the best providers. As we work with a number of training providers, you can even have the choice of who delivers the training.

How 360 Apprenticeships can help

Whether you are looking to an apprentice or start your apprenticeship journey, 360 Apprenticeships can help. We provide a free service from first point of contact to the successful placement of each apprentice. Every apprentice who is successful will only be placed with the best training providers (Graded 1 and/or 2 by Ofsted) so you know that everyone is in safe hands.

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